Small Business Social Media Tips

Aerial Innovations, Inc.

By Sarah Marie Adamson


Tampa is an every-growing city, flourishing with young entrepreneurs. As technology evolves towards a more virtual network for socialization, businesses need to evolve with it. Working for a couple small businesses in Tampa allows one to find small (but useful) tips and tricks to advertising through social media.

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A first tip to socializing via the world wide web is by being active. Organize your accounts, themes, and social media plans and be vigilant. Staying active not only means posting daily, but also remembering to respond to questions and comments.

Although responding to every comment might seem repetitive, it visually demonstrates how involved the company is with its following. You might care about your customers and business more than anything in the world, but being active on social media can help present that. 

Beyond that, nobody likes to follow a bland and un-involved page. Whether your customers enjoy your products/services or not, they are less likely to follow your social media pages if branding is a flop.


If you're just starting to expand your image on social media, imagine growing from the ground up. Social media is a great way to show off your personality, as well as what your company does. As a basic foundation, one social networking is a must. This could mean any number of things! 

Personally E-mailing individuals who could help expand the brand, such as local news reporters or complementary businesses, is a good way to get the ball rolling. Sometimes other small businesses are willing to collaborate with you through blogs, their personal website, and social media accounts. Writing and sharing sister-companies or complementary businesses, joins audiences together and can increase personal publicity. Plus, you gain new professional relationships with other local businesses! Social media expansion is not just about showing off your company, but gaining experiences and growing a better relationship with your clientele. 

You could also use Instagram to direct-message influences about collaborations with your brand or message. This method could help increase the number of following you have on a specific platform. Another tip that relates with being active is: constantly supporting, liking, and following other social media accounts. The more people you follow and "heart," the more you're advertised on Instagram as a follow suggestions.

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As previously mentioned, blogging is a fun and effective way to promote your brand and business. Blogging can increase traffic on the website, and bring in viewers who might not normally visit. Blogging allows your audience to get a view about what kind of people are involved with your company, and give a unique look at the company. It helps people realize that you're not just a brand, but genuine individuals. Writing blogs can help connect with your clients on a deeper level, allowing them to enjoy your website on a leisurely level and appreciate you more as a family.

A very important reminder in all social media, though, is to really commit to the accounts. Be passionate with everything you do, and success is sure to follow. If you are passionate in what you do, it will become apparent with how you speak, write, and project you and your company. Never stop trying.

As Walk Disney says, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." 

Sarah Marie Adamson