Small Business Tech Tips

Welcome to the technological age of advancement! Although there may be a lot of gimmicks out there, here's a quick couple of tips that can actually help your small business. 

The first step is to make sure you have a clean-looking website. Take out unnecessary fluff! Unless your goal is to make your website look like a scrapbook, sharpen it up to display a more professional domain. 

 This doesn't only apply to desktop-view, either. Available on the website-creator that you use should be a mobile-view. Under the option that optimizes your website for mobile devices, make sure that site navigation is easy! Browsing and buttons should be easily available for your mobile clients to use; your website shouldn't be a chore for them! If site navigation is too difficult, you might lose a client to a competitor with a more manageable website. 


Keep up with your analytics! Analytics are the behind-the-scenes data that basically lets you in on what works and what doesn't. It's a great way to keep up with virtual marketing, because the information provides you with insights as to what your audience likes and dislikes. Use it to your advantage!

Nowadays, almost everybody is glued to their phones! With this new understanding, use it to increase business and learn how to market this online audience.

Courtesy of Sarah Adamson

Courtesy of Sarah Adamson

Stay organized (and make sure your team does, too.) There's a lot of available services used for organization and sharing between employees. Figuring out the best one that works for you and your company is key with keeping things fluid. 

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Have you ever gone to a public café, signed on to their WiFi, only to find that nothing will load? Or had to use your cellular data because no WiFi was available? It's not only annoying, but it wastes valuable time that employees could be using to get work done. 

Don't cheap out and make your employees use the sketchy public WiFi next store or waste their personal data on impersonal issues! Invest some money into a fast and reliable internet service, and E-mails, downloads, and everything else will continue much smoother. 


Know your customers! Don't just be another generic company. Give your company a face and feelings, and people will reciprocate that with you. Be friendly, send "Thank you" E-mails for their continued loyalty, ask them about their lives. Knowing your customers as people not only helps you become more of a well-rounded individual, but it creates bonds and loyalty for you and your company.

If you want to dive even further, check out our "Small Business Social Media Tips page." On that page, it explains how you can navigate the world of social media with your business, and how to invest your time into audiences. 

Courtesy of Naomi Glasberg-Adamson

Courtesy of Naomi Glasberg-Adamson

No matter what software you decide on, make sure the one you choose fits your company best! Social media is a new world, especially for older companies, but it's not an impossible one. Stay relevant, interact with your customers, and love what you do.

Courtesy of Robert Bender

Courtesy of Robert Bender



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