ICSC Orlando Conference


The International Council of Shopping Centers hosts its annual event, bringing companies together globally. This past July, we were able to have Aerial Innovations representatives attend this exhilarating and informational event. It's a perfect hub for professional networking; it helps with expanding your brand and business.


Tucked nicely in a corner prepared with flyers, photographs, and presentations, two members of our team were stationed for the event. Our executive sales member, Jenny, and our newly promoted Vice President, Robert, were in attendance. 

Robert Bender_Production Manager - Photographer.jpg

For almost six years, Robert has been a member of the Aerial Innovations team! Robert had been the production manager for three years, and this past July had been promoted to Vice President of Aerial Innovations.


The ICSC experience was useful and productive and the topic of drone-use was a popular one! A lot of people were interested in our drone services, general drone information, and how Aerial Innovations covers the state of Florida. 

We use drones on low-level aerial sites, focusing mainly on construction sites and land property. Using drones is useful for lower level sites, but is generally more expensive than our fixed wings or helicopter flights. 

With all the various business representatives in attendance, there was no dull moment at the Orlando conference. Interestingly enough, when traveling around booths, Robert discovered some companies were representing Aerial Innovations! Shots that our photographers captured were displayed for numerous companies, featuring the Aerial Innovations logo! 


The conference, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, was two days long. According to Robert, this was both an excellent and enjoyable experience. Both Jenny and Robert learned new things and were inspired by other companies.

It was great to meet clients that we’ve worked with for years, face-to-face. It was an excellent opportunity to promote our business.
— Robert Bender, VP/Photographer

In fact, we'd love for current and potential clients to meet our team in person! We have an open and playful environment, and clients are always welcome! 

Sarah Marie Adamson

Sarah Marie Adamson

Typically our client relationships are communicated through the telephone, but that's mainly due to the fact that many people don't realize we have a tangible headquarters! Our cozy abode is open on the weekdays from 9-5, and if you like dogs, you're in for a treat! 

If you'd like to stop by for a visit or a chat with any of our executive officers or sales people, our address is listed below:

3703 West Azeele Street, Tampa, Florida, 33609


Sarah Marie Adamson