USCGS William Trump Change of Command


On July 15, 2018, Colette Eddy, CEO of Aerial Innovations, Inc., attended a change of command ceremony by the United States Coast Guards. Her father William Trump is a war hero, having enlisted into the Coast Guard after lying about his age, the then-seventeen-year-old embarked on a dangerous and heroic life. This ceremony displayed the commissioned vessel that was named after Colette's father.

William Trump helped aid others in line of fire at the landing of Normandy, later awarded a Silver Star.

He participated in the occupation of Tunisia, the invasion of Sicily, and the landings at Salerno in 1943. His crew was a part of Flotilla 10 and had been preparing for the invasion of Normandy. The mission was to get 200 troops safely onto the beaches of France.


Trump volunteered to disembark his landing craft an headed to the beach to anchor a line that the troops would use for safety. Even in line of fire, Trump managed to secure the line that helped guide soldiers on their transit to the beach. A German bullet hit his person, but William Trump's life was saved by his helmet. Because of his patriotism and selflessness, Trump was later awarded a Silver Star.



In 1944, Motor Machinist's Mate First Class William Trump was apart of a fleet of Coast Guard ships on D-Day in France. He was one of many on these Coast Guard-manned ships.

"It's truly an honor," Eddy Says of her father's recognition. 

Jeremy Trump, nephew of Eddy and grandson of William Trump, is a recognized Navy Seal. His emblem was placed as part of the ship, despite a difference in the branch of military. Officers stepped aside to allow this token to be commissioned on the ship dedicated to his grandfather. The object itself is a lanyard that holds a St. Michaels token.



The lanyard was passed to Jeremy from his late father, Frank Trump who is William Trump's son. The emblem has St. Michael engraved on it, which Navy Seals wear for protection, according to Eddy.



Colette Eddy was honored and humbled about the change of command ceremony.

This particular class of ship will last 40 years—long after I’m dead—and it’s a true honor that he gets to have this type of legacy.


The ceremony took place in the Florida Keys, and Eddy is back to running her company in Tampa, Florida. If you'd like to hear more information, contact Colette at Aerial Innovations, Inc.

Sarah Marie Adamson