2018 Christmas Party

6 December 2018

6 December 2018

Ho, ho, ho!

With this year coming to an end and the weather dropping below 80 degrees, Colette thought it was the perfect time to host Aerial Innovations’ annual Christmas dinner! This year, the choice location was The Edison on Kennedy Boulevard.


The Edison Lab was inspired by both the name of the street it resides on and the famous inventor, Thomas Edison. Themed like a real-life lab, the restaurant was equipped with a creative menu, and detailed decor. Sketches of "Edison’s designs” protruded from the ceiling, and some drinks were offered in beakers! The intimate dining experience allowed everybody to communicate with each other (fairly) normally — or as normally as this ragtag group of people can communicate!

Seating comfortable in our own room, we feasted like royalty!

Ian, Nicole, James, and Tom

Ian, Nicole, James, and Tom


James celebrated his four-year anniversary, Keara and Sarah celebrated their first Christmas dinner with Aerial Innovations, and EVERYBODY celebrated each other’s company. Spirits were raised, food was served, and good conversation was made. There were some memorable couples at the table as well!


Pete and Eileen (pictured left) were celebrating 51 years of marriage

Jay and Sandy “Sarge” (pictured right) were celebrating 30 years of marriage!


Gifts were distributed through party poppers and presents - ranging from miniature card decks to whiskey glasses to dolla-dolla bills, yo!! There was something for everybody to enjoy!


And, of course you can’t forget the Christmas hats!

Eileen helping Pete with his Christmas crown

Eileen helping Pete with his Christmas crown

Kayla, Keara, and Sarah

Kayla, Keara, and Sarah

Never forget that Christmas without company is no Christmas at all! Everybody at Aerial Innovations had a wonderfully interesting (and fun!) Christmas dinner.

Great food served with even better company could never result in any complaints.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Sarah Marie Adamson