Reflection of 2018

As December nears its end, so does the year of twenty-eighteen. It has been an interesting, hectic, fun, and memorable year to say the least. Aerial Innovations earned two new employees, took part on a South African photo safari, gave the HQ a brand new look, and more.

First and foremost, did you know that we offer aerial video? The video above was shot via drone by our dronographer, Nicole Abbett, and put together by our photographer and cinematographer, Ian Foe. We offer two types of aerial video; both helicopter and drone options are available at differing prices.

We’ve reinvented how we film aerial video. Our stabilized videography options have been offered since January of this year!

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs

As spring turned to summer, all kinds of events took place. This past summer was extremely eventful for us at Aerial Innovations, Inc.!


In mid-July, Colette Eddy, CEO of Aerial Innovations, was honored to attend a USCG Change of Command ceremony. Located in Key West, Florida.

The ceremony took place to honor the late William Trump, Colette’s father. His heroic acts during the landing of Normandy, the invasion of Sicily, and the landings of Salerno were evidence enough of his greatness. The ship will last about forty years, ensuring William Trump’s legacy to live on.

United States Coast Guards Photo Judgement7-31-201833.jpg

The same month, Aerial Innovations was hosting our monthly photo contest with the theme: patriotism. In lieu of William Trump’s Change of Command ceremony, Colette decided to get in touch with LTJG Diane French, who was in charge of public affairs at the time.

United States Coast Guards Photo Judgement7-31-201818.jpg

After a conversation over the phone, the good people with the Coast Guards invited us on-base in Clearwater, Florida. We were greeted with a good-sized group, fit enough to commence the judging process! Everybody was very excited and amused by the situation, but most importantly, were happy to help!


Moving on to exciting August, A.I. had the pleasure to send Robert, who had been newly-elected VP, and Jenny, head of Orlando sales, to the ISCS Orlando conference. The International Council of Shopping Centers, normally hosted in New York, was located in Orlando this past year. It was a perfect networking haven for two of our brightest, and the duo picked up some useful tips and new clients!


Big changes happened in Tampa, as well as HQ itself! The city, specifically in Channelside, received some changes. We love and embrace improvements and changes in our great city of Tampa, and it doesn’t hurt that it helps us, as well!

The building received a new paint job, being redone to a brighter, cheerier yellow. The inside of the building also had its taste of new paint; the winning photographs from the contests were taken down for a more crisp look.


The new idea for the interior is to mimic a gallery. We hope to have our stunning photographs on the walls, available for sale, as well.

Our ground equipment received an upgrade, too. We have new camera lens’, studio equipment, and flash!

Africa Trip  11-01-2018 061.jpg

Nearing the end of the year, Colette took part of a 12-day photo safari for Aerial Innovations! She was able to explore South Africa, seeing both luscious plants and the dry plains. She saw the big 5, ate delicious seafood, and explored new areas. The trip was well worth it!


Finishing the year with a bang, Aerial Innovations’ annual Christmas dinner was hosted at the Edison, off Kennedy Boulevard. A menu catered towards local seafood, interesting and delicious food was served and spirits were enjoyed. Presents were gifted to each other and conversation was plenty.

_Group Photo 2018.jpg

No matter what you celebrate, or whom you celebrate it with, we hope you all have a very happy and enjoyable holiday season!

Happy Holidays and cheers to an even happier new year!

Sarah Marie Adamson